Shout out/Love-fest/You’re The Best!

I’m speechless this morning.

My soul-sister (The fabulous Coco’s Daughter) featured me and The Salve on her blog!

California Poppies and Gazanias

Coco is one of those gals who EVERYONE loves. She’s the sunshine that all the flowers are drawn to.

I ADORE Coco. I love her Twinados like my own.  The day we met in July of 2013 was the day the stars aligned and a life-long friendship was created. Her amazing family has brought us so much happiness – we’ve been creating memories right and left, soaking up sunshine while battling the frizz, sharing family dinners and special occasions whenever we can. I’ve told her more than once – she’s stuck with me forever. Broken record…STUCK.

And today – not only did she give me a shout out….she gave me the most AMAZING shout out a girl could ask for! I’m still speechless. One of my favorite parts? How she described what the Twinados think of me:

Mythical like a mermaid with the charm of a unicorn and the sparkle of a seahorse.

I mean, COME ON. Can there BE any higher praise?! #stillspeechless

I’ll admit – I AM uber on top of the Shutterfly Freebie business. Each time an alert pops up on my phone with a code for a free magnet/address labels/8×10 print, my heart races and I launch into action: TEXT COCO…and get one for yourself! I take advantage of EVERY darn freebie they offer. Yes, EVERY. Perfect gifts – Grammies and Nanas LOVE that stuff.

And the part about The Salve? Also 100% true. Everyone who has used this stuff has had the same reaction. It’s bleeping MAGIC.

It makes ME so happy to share The Salve with whoever I can. Your little bug has some itchy patches behind his knees? The Salve. Road rash from a tumble off your bike? The Salve. Ouchie toe nail post pedicure? The Salve. Wicked tears after kicking bootie during your WOD? The Salve. My local box has even picked up The Salve so that it’s available to all my gym-mates – FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC.

*Like Coco said, we aren’t doctors…just love sharing the natural goodness that is The Salve. So read the label/use with caution. But it’s really really good stuff. 😉



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