#wildworkoutwednesday by #runningsugarfree


The Hubs is a cyclist. He got us both road bikes last year – awesome! He’s been riding to work 3-4 times a week ever since – jealous – his route to work takes 30 minutes where as mine would take 2 hours. He has signed up for his first race…in the Adirondacks. He’s a cyclist…and I think it’s awesome.

Two weeks ago we were able to go on a long ride together. He went on a nice route with 2 of his buddies the week before and we thought it would be fun to try. Yeah!

Here are my mistakes:

  • it was only my 2nd ride of the season, while The Hubs has about 500 miles in
  • my first ride was only 9 miles
  • this ride was 32 miles
  • I didn’t fuel properly before hand – a Quest bar will not fuel a 30 mile bike ride
  • I tried to keep up with The Hubs the whole way – haha
  • It was windy everywhere…EVERYWHERE


*Things were ok to start.

The weather was fabulous – nice and cool – couldn’t have asked for better. I was able to semi-keep up with The Hubs, while working my tail off. Keeping a killer pace – yeah! But I was cursing the wind – I swear it was in our face EVERY second of the ride. There was a calm stretch early on where we were able to ride side by side and chat a bit – that was nice! It was a good route – basically along the rivers the whole way. And at about 20 miles, we got to a lighthouse by the bridges and stopped for a water break – super gorgeous. Back on the bike to head home…

I smashed against the wall.

I seriously left nothing on the table. I told The Hubs: “Go ahead. Get the car and come back to get me.” It was that bad. I was miserable and cursing the rest of the way. Every moment of the last 12 miles was terrible and couldn’t be over soon enough.

In hindsight, I should have never attempted the whole ride at such a blistering pace. I asked The Hubs about his ride with his buddies and he mentioned that their pace was much slower, there were some periods of just coasting…but we RACED that damn route. My body was NOT ready to be in the saddle for 2 hours. It was just a silly rookie mistake.



I went on a ride this past weekend with those same 2 bike buddies. 19 miles. At a glorious cruising pace. I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT. Sure, there wasn’t as much wind this time around. But our pace? Conversational. We actually talked to each other. I was able to glance around and enjoy our surroundings. When we got done? I could have gone for more! It was amazing.

Lesson learned: It’s not a race. I am totally capable of a long ride…just not at breakneck speeds like The Hubs. If you want me to join in? Slow down a little.



One thought on “#wildworkoutwednesday by #runningsugarfree

  1. fitfoodiemama says:

    Yay so happy you were able to get back out there and redeem yourself! Such an awesome feeling when it’s enjoyable and you can just take it all in! Thanks so much for linking up! Don’t forget to add your link on my blog so others can come say hi too!!


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