#21DSD for June – Day 1


After a month off, I decided it was time to jump back in to the 21 Day Sugar Detox way of life. I kept to my 80/20 way of life fairly easily in May, but a few hard falls off the wagon show me my relationship with certain sugary things is still contentious (i.e. I can’t have a box of Wegman’s Famous Chocolate Chip cookies on the counter and not eat one every time I walk past it. Nor can I take the kids for ice cream and not get a kiddie cone for myself). I didn’t beat myself up about any of my food choices – my body did that enough for me, with stinky/bloat-y reminders after I ate things not so great. And that just feels terrible. I much much  much prefer how I feel when I eat things that agree with my gut. I’m not bored with my go-to foods. And I’m still uber in love with Club Soda. So I’m ready to go again!


*My energy levels are really great. No afternoon crashes/cravings – LOVE.

*My workout programming seems to be just what my body needed – I’m on week 6 of the Competitor Programming and loving every minute of it.

*I’m still nauseous in the mornings and have a hard time deciding what to eat for breakfast.

*I’ve been off my birth control for 1 month (SUPER long back story to this one) – and that is going well. My body seems to be adjusting well. My naturopath says we’ll see where I’m at after 3 months. And my GYN was totally on board with any/all changes that I’m after making – i.e. getting off all of my meds. Yes.



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