It’s been a long time….

It’s time.


I’ve had little nagging thoughts here and there over the last few weeks.




As I mentioned before (and think EVERYDAY) summer is the hardest time to stick with anything. My eating has been….less than stellar. Still about 70-30. But….

*The kids are on a bun kick. The Boy could eat plan New England Style hot dog buns all day. And The Girl is in to Hamburger buns with ketchup and butter (???). So I’ve had more bread over the last 3 weeks than I’ve had in years.

*BJ’s stopped carrying our go-to fruit snacks. The boy will not eat the ones I picked up in replacement – the first pack I opened for him, I ended up eating myself….which opened the flood gates to an onslaught of fruity goodness. THEY WERE AMAZING. Healthy Helpings of…Candy. OMG. Can’t-get-enough-goodness.

*Holidays, BBQ gatherings, meeting friends for meals…..trips for ice cream. It’s all been so fun and good….but it’s taken it’s toll on me. I feel like I’ve hit bottom 95aa507a9402f6c0a78ffea80cb3f97fagain. I feel lousy. Bloated. The headaches are back. And I’m grasping for straws. Googling “how to kick the sugar addiction”, “acupuncture for sugar addiction”, juice cleanses, the 21 Day Fix, contemplating That Crazy Wrap Thing….looking up quick fixes…again.

I already know what works.

God always provides. And right at my fingertips is another round of the 21DSD. But I’m still hesitant. My mom is getting married on Saturday….which means a trip home. And a trip home is pretty much my eating kryptonite. A trip home means eating…whatever and feeling like hell after. And a wedding? For cripes sake….parties are crazy tough to avoid sugary goodness!

But….maybe this is God’s way of letting me test myself. See if I can do it. No, PROVE to myself that I CAN travel/go home and still stick to my clean eating. Really make this a forever thing. A LEGIT forever thing.

But….it’s hard. It’s not convenient. I haven’t mastered having good for you snacks at all times. And it’s easier to grab a mouth watering whopper with bacon. Ice cream. Chips and salsa at Chili’s.


How many times am I going to cycle through this crappy feeling before I just make it permanent? Because it’s gross. I feel awful. And I hate searching for the easy way out. It feels cheap. And I know it won’t last.


So I’m doing it. The July 21DSD. I’m going to do some research again today, in my books and online. Compile a fantastic list of travel goodies to get the car stocked for our trip. Have a case of club soda. And just do it.

just-do-it-hed-2013That is my mantra for this month. Because I can. I know I can. I can be stronger than the cravings. It’s time to make them go away forever. Because I’m tired of feeling like crap….again.

It’s time.

I’m glad to be back.



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