IMG_4495…instead of stopping for ice cream after t-ball, we went home and I made a smoothie with coconut milk, banana and cacao nibs. #win

* Had an appointment for myodetox therapy again today. It’s not easy/it hurts like a mother but so worth it. Missy and Kyle are awesome.

* Borrowed a juicer from one of my good buddies, and made my first juice! Spinach, celery, Apple, carrot and OJ. It was amazing. And I even ate the pulp, with butter and salt – yum! Fantastic!!


* Scheduled off day from WOD programming so I got in a gorgeous 6.5 mile run. It was cool and breezy, my favorite. Have to enjoy the good weather while it lasts…it’ll be 90 degrees again before I know it.


* sampled a few Quest bars from NatureTyme….holy moley they are amazing! I can taste the sweetener, but for a protein bar with not many ingredients, it has repeatability. I’ve seen them ALL over Instagram and had been meaning to try. I’ll be adding them as a quickie grab and go snack!


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