21DSD Recap: Week 1

What I ate on Monday (Day 1):


  • Breakfast: Almond milk, cacao, banana smoothie with a scoop of hemp protein – I tried but barely drank any of this for breakfast, so I finished later in the day.
  • Lunch: salt potatoes and bacon (mmmmm, I love bacon)
  • snack: more potatoes and bacon
  • Dinner: green beans and ground beef
  • I feel a little bad about this but we went to the ice cream stand. I had a kiddie orange dole whip twist cone. It’s summer. This is going to be my biggest struggle. On the bright side: I got a kiddie size and it was half non-dairy.

What I ate on Tuesday (Day 2):


  • Breakfast: sausage and sweet potato – felt SUPER nauseous this morning
  • Lunch: bacon cheeseburger wrap
  • Dinner: pinto beans, lettuce, guac, ground beef, shredded cheese – #cincodemayo!
  • snack: green beans and beef, a few almonds and plantain chips, almond/banana smoothie
  • Today was a rough day. I woke up feeling utterly hopeless. I kept thinking, ok, so I’m eating this way but I’m still packing a layer of fluff. I was practically in tears, thinking really, what do I have to do to lose the fat….starve myself? Workout MORE?? No, I didn’t get here overnight, and sure, I should cut my portions down a bit – eating when I’m hungry isn’t as often as it was the first round of 21 – but I feel like things have been adding on little by little over the last 7 months, despite my positive steps forward. I have a few ideas to pursue. We’ll see. All the notes I take to keep track are helping me to figure stuff out….I hope I’m getting closer.

What I ate on Wednesday (Day 3):


  • Lesson learned: not blogging everyday? You forget what you eat.

What I ate on Thursday (Day 4):


  • Got mega derailed here. Was in the OR and that always messes me up.
  • Breakfast was a spinach and prosciutto salad
  • Green beans and beef for early lunch
  • Plantain chips
  • green beans and beef when I got home
  • And then it happened: we had a fun dinner with friends!
    • open faced bacon whopper
    • some fries and bbq mac and cheese Lays chips (yikes)
    • chocolate chip cookies
  • I SWEAR the heat does crazy things to me and it was almost 90 today. YUCK.

What I had to eat on Friday (day 5):


  • Garage sale day…….oh geez. Our neighborhood has a garage sale every year Mother’s Day weekend. It’s a fabulous perk of where we live – I don’t need to advertise my own sale, and I know I have 1 day every year to purge our stuff – LOVE it.
  • Breakfast: sweet potato and bacon
  • Lunch: chicken bacon ranch wrap from the vendor next door – for the Greyhound Rescue fundraiser. It’s a delicious amazing annual thing! But I also had a cookie. GAH!
  • Dinner: pizza and chicken. Impromptu swimming with friends led to impromptu dinner.
  • It’s HOT and gross. I hate it.

**These last 2 days have been a really good wake up call. My first #21dsd took place in a sheltered world. I barely ate away from home, and when I did it was at a restaurant where I could control what I chose/not feel I had to eat what everyone else was having family-style. It wasn’t summer, i.e. outside/BBQ/pizza/spur-of-the-moment season. I KNOW we’ll be swimming lots this summer and having many impromptu dinners. I think I need to have a stack of salads ready to grab out of the fridge, so I can bring one with me at all times. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoyed the pizza a LOT. It was delicious. But I don’t want to eat off the #21dsd all summer long. Because I don’t FEEL amazing today. It wasn’t instant wretchedness as with ice cream, but I feel like the pizza is still in my body this morning. Eating off the 21dsd never leaves anything to settle all night long. So it’s been a good lesson, early in the summer season. And I’m going to try to adjust….quickly!!



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