Wednesday…. #WildWorkoutWednesday

Today is day 3 of the Competitors Programming at my gym.

I was feeling bummed yesterday – the group posted the gymnastics work to be added to our week…and it was a LOT of stuff I haven’t done before/haven’t seen before/couldn’t find on google. I also replied to the post and have yet to get a response. Ugh. I consider myself a fairly educated athlete but it was a knock on the shoulder to be shoved into the unknown without any sort of instructions….

BUT. I will not be deterred. The Hubs and I have been following The Outlaw Way (coach Rudy is amazing) for over a year now and they have a sweet Connectivity program to help build gymnastic skills – LOTS of videos to supplement the work. I’ve been MEANING to add it to my routine but just haven’t committed…so I will start there – add in my work, little by little. Keep getting stronger, which has been my goal all along.

*I’m ALSO going to add in foam rolling and stretching. I had an appointment yesterday for some myodetox manual therapy – HOLY CRAP. It was…intense….but so good. I know that if I can fit this into a weekly schedule, things will only get better. But at the advice of my therapist, stretching is a must.

Now to my workout for Wednesday:

A. Tall muscle snatch x 3×3 sets.. keep this light here
B. Clean Dead lift x 5×3 sets @ 80%.. focus on the positions here.. getting knees back off the ground.
30 sec. row sprint @ complete max effort
rest 2:30
x7 rounds



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