21DSD Round 2: May the 4th be with you!


So we begin again!

I’m so very excited to have my 21 days again. My “down” week was fine. I didn’t stray too far off the Yes/No lists. I had an ice cream (I KNEW this was going to be bad, due to the dairy, but stopped for some lactaid afterwards and that helped tremendously – have to remind myself that while it tastes REALLY good, how I FEEL after isn’t worth it). I had a burger on a bun (who can resist at Five Guys? I mean, come on!). I had a brownie with ice cream last night at a friend’s house, kind of my “Ok, I know the 21DSD starts tomorrow, if you want this little brownie dessert…now’s the time!” I also had a burger from Wendy’s post Mountain Goat yesterday – we stopped there before heading to the Chiefs’ game (ballgame food $$$)….boy it was delicious! But overall, between the end of April and today, I didn’t go too far off the 21DSD map. My body just doesn’t tolerate much these days, and I’m going to continue to work with my GI and naturopath to figure it all out.

One of my goals for this time around is to try a new 21DSD compliant recipe each week. I was going to shoot for 1 a day but this girl has to move with baby steps when it comes to cooking. So 1 a week. And who can pass up a recipe that has EASY in the title….?

Easy Recipe: Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

What pulled me in was the variations listed at the end of the recipe:

  • You can make these without the almond butter and make a simplified, solid chocolate version.
  • Substitute walnut butter for almond butter for a different flavor.
  • You can also make these without cocoa powder for a coconut-vanilla almond butter cup recipe or add mint extract to coconut cream and use that as the filling instead of almond butter for a chocolate mint cup

Since my tummy has proven to not love almonds, I am intrigued to try walnut butter!

This week starts official programming for the competitors group at my gym. I’m psyched to get going, but also nervous. Which is suppose will come with any new endeavor. I’m ready to knock out my weaknesses, become a well-rounded crossfitter. Also continuing my #rwrunstreak. Today is day 46/93 in my Spring-to-Summer streak. Seriously love having challenges to keep track of.

A. Back Squat; 75% x 3-4 reps x 5 sets
B. High hang Clean; – EMOM, building off feel.. anything more then the bar counts as a set here
weighted pull up @ 35/20#
db box step overs @ 20/15” @ 50/35# per hand x 10 reps after each weighted pull up



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