2 days out: Saturday


*I have to make note about Friday. It was the first day since I started the #21DSD that I didn’t feel the need to snack all day. I know I was busier than usual, but I felt like a normal person because I had 3 meals and 1 snack. I wasn’t noshing all day long. There was no snack in the car while I was driving. Maybe it was because I hit the afternoon snack with bacon and sweet potato before I was famished (super delicious!) But I’m leaning towards the fact that my body was fueled properly all day long, sufficient fats, not too many carbs (starting day out with just sausage….)and I never allowed myself to get too hungry. And man, it felt great. Normal.

  • Reviewing my Yes/No list for Level 3. Pantry is prepared.



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