Friday…3 days out (again)

*2nd day away from the almonds….yup. Tummy is definitely better.

*Just sausage for breakfast today. I’m going to try to this for a while, whenever I can. My morning nauseousness is hit or miss. Today wasn’t bad. See how tomorrow goes. Also feeling pretty good this afternoon, having snacked on bacon and sweet potato….no almonds! 🙂

*Sleep is still good. LOVE this.


*May 1, 2015: ‪#‎NationalChocolateParfaitDay‬ so here’s a fun delicious recipe that I am going to try…..




A. Power Snatch – 1 RM – I managed to hit 100# and surprised myself. Got 105#
B. Push Press – build to a heavy triple – 100#. Probably could have done 105 but I think my mind was already on the metcon.
3 rounds: 13:09
500m row
12 bwt DL – I wish I weighed less
21 box jumps, 24/20″

*1 mile run (day 43/93 of my spring-to-summer streak)



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