While I try to keep my eating as sugarfree as possible, it’s a little more difficult with the kiddos. And the biggest culprit, the little burr in my tush….is fruit snacks.

Both of my kids are very sensitive to textures – they are fabulously picky and I attribute this to their father – The Hubs is one of the pickiest eaters I’ve ever met. He’s come a LONG way since we first ate a meal together, but he is still the most skilled at finding that ONE SLIVER of shredded lettuce in his burrito. So when I’ve tried to introduce different/better fruit snacks to the kids, I have failed miserably – they have latched on to Mott’s Medleys Fruit Flavored Snacks, in bulk. All the potentially “better” snacks I’ve found – nope. Annie’s bunnies? SO CUTE! The Kids – heck no! Ugh.

I’ve been tempted to try to make our own gummies. But lemme tell you, it’s evident in the pictures posted with the recipes that they don’t have the smooth consistency of Mott’s. Why even bother?


But today I stumbled across a post from The Skinny Fork. And her gummies LOOK like they could work. She shows pictures of her steps – one of those steps involves using the food processor/blender. And she mentions straining out the seeds…. Well, if I choose my berries wisely and blend the beegeezus out of the puree…..perhaps I will have success……!!! It’s worth a try. Summer is here, and the time for all things fruity is upon us.

*Want a few more ideas for fruit goodies? This post from Diary of a Semi Health Nut gives you 7! Just scroll to the end of the post. 😉


Hey, look at that! I just participated in my first #FoodieFriday – whoo! It’s a weekly link up that I discovered via FitFoodieMama that helps share/create healthy recipes each week. p.s. Her strawberry cheesecake smoothie from today looks AMAZING!!!!



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