Round 2: 4 days out.


*News flash! CoachE was correct – almonds make me bloated. I’m so glad to be at this point in my diet, where I can narrow things down so easily. Sure, I’m boring with my selection of foods, but it works for me, I’M not bored, and it makes figuring out The Bad Guys (i.e. what screws with my tummy) pretty easy!

*The kids wanted Chili’s for dinner last night (The Hubs was out of town again) so we went – easy choice…no dishes or cooking! I’m glad it was a visit in between Rounds – I felt great all day and then had my usual chips/salad/soup combo. The salad – great. Chips/soup? Not so much. I went with the southwest chicken soup, and it’s a bit spicy for me. I’ll have to be scientific to rule out which one caused the bloating (I’m guessing the Chips)

Recipe I want to try:  Fudgy Plantain Brownies


pre day 5

*Here’s the 5 days before #21DSD list. Not much has changed at our house in the last few days but I do need to grocery shop. I’m going to hit Level 3 for this time around. Time to visit the Yes list on page 86 of The Book. I didn’t do much comparing of Level 2 vs. Level 3, will let you know. CoachE thought I was ready for 3 before the April group, so I know I’ll be good to go now.

*Today was a rest day on the schedule. So just 2 miles to loosen up the legs. My left calf is sore, so my compression sleeve has been on all day. And my chest is still angry from the pull-ups/wall ball shots on Tuesday….ARGH!



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