Facebook, what?!

I took the plunge yesterday….Running Sugarfree has splashed down in the Facebook world! I was debating about it since I started here, thinking “Nah. No need. It can only get crazy.” But after sharing my secret stash of FB posts with my good buddy Coco’s Daughter, she gave me the courage to share the best of me with the rest of the world (well, whoever decides to look, haha!!) 🙂

Still trying to figure out the whole cross-sharing thing (here-FB-Twitter-eek!), but here are a few of my favorite shares from the FB:


Running on the WallI don’t always pay $120 for shoes. But when I do, they’re for running. Story of my life! I basically own sneakers. And flip flops. That’s it. I don’t dress up, and don’t have to dress for work (scrubs) so I don’t have the need for other stuff besides workout clothes and casual. I am SO thankful for this, because I am the queen of comfy. And cannot resist trying on sneakers every time I go to a sports store…..!!!

Another little bit of sparkle I found while scrolling Running on the Wall is the Mother’s Day Virtual 5k Race! For signing up, you get some amazing swag:


What sealed the deal for me was the Run Mommy Run theme….that’s the phrase of choice for my kiddos while cheering me on at races! SOLD! Bonus: I’m doing the race/getting the goods as a Mother’s day gift to myself….boom.

*This weekend is the Annual Mountain Goat run. I’ve been training for the past few weeks – well, just continuing from the half marathon in March. I participated in the Saturday training runs twice, and have supplemented with as many neighborhood hills as possible. The Earth Day Half was hillier than I expected so that definitely helped. There was a post on the Mountain Goat FB page today about #whyirunthegoat. My tmpnullanswer: because being able to kick butt on the hills makes me feel like I still got it. My dad used to say that ALL THE TIME. It was a little inside joke, and we’d laugh whenever he’d say it, but now that we are getting older….it’s so appropriate. Have a great run? Hit a PR weight in a lift? I STILL GOT IT. The Hubs and I carry it on. I also LOVE the the course runs right by our old house.


*Also came across this perfect little reminder from 30 Days Sugar Free: Before any sweets, I’ll drink 2 glasses of water and wait 10 minutes. Easy enough right? I know I need to work on the water. I always have a mason jar on the counter to keep refilling as the day goes on. Helps to see what I’m supposed to be drinking. Keeping this little oath in mind can only help the cause!

Stay tuned! I’m so excited to keep sharing fun goodies on the FB and Twitter feeds…..



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