Round 2….5 days to go.

*Hmmmmm…I had some over the top bloating in the afternoon (before the blueberries) so I am issuing an almond-ban today – CoachE mentioned almonds potentially being the culprit so I’m going to test it out. I love almonds – they are the easiest snack I have, but also easy to go overboard. Gotta figure it out.

*Was feeling a little lost yesterday. And I think it’s because I am not currently in the middle of a challenge. Having the 21 days to countdown helped more than I realized. It kept me accountable. I am thrilled that there is a group each month via the official 21 Day Sugar Detox pages on FB and IG. Having a consistent group is going to help make this 21DSD lifestyle completely attainable.

The Fit Foodie Mama

*Thanks to the wonderful FitFoodieMama, I’m excited to start celebrating #WildWorkoutWednesday. I always workout on Wednesdays, but being able to join in with other active lovelies and share in the fun is awesome! Love the concept for each week: “workout ideas, motivation, inspiration and recipes to try.”

Wednesday WOD: 

*sore from yesterday’s WOD. Guess 100 pull-ups will do that to you….

*mile warm up and cool down

A. Power Clean – build to a HS (140#)
rest 2 minutes from final lift
B. 4 minute amrap @ 90% of A (125#)
C. Strict HSPU – 1 set of max reps (zero)


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