7 days out….again!

CoachE posted her nice little 7 Days before Detox graphic again yesterday, as it’s truly just seven days till the next round of the 21DSD. It was just like yesterday that I embarked on my first round….haha!

It’s only been ONE month!


It was a perfect little jolt. I’ve gotten comfortable with my 21DSD life-style but the prep post was a nice little look to think of resetting/recharging. Get my ducks in a row again. Focused. Ready. Re-visit the books that are still next to my laptop, with sticky notes as page markers. #love

P.S. that buddy I mentioned the other day, who said I should be a coach? She signed on for the May 21DSD!! Whoo! So excited – I’m definitely going to keep tabs on her…she’s going to rock it!


  • 2 mile run for warm up
  • 10 RFT of 10 pull-ups, 10 wall ball shots (14# to 10ft): 16:13 – holy hannah.

What I ate today:

  • sweet potato and sausage
  • almonds
  • green beans, sweet potato and beef
  • pickles and pepperoni
  • beef, guac and lettuce
  • easy blueberry crumble #nationalblueberrypieday



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