21DSD: Continued!

My challenge is over….now what? 

3. If you were completing The 21-Day Sugar Detox…

The 21-Day Sugar DetoxThen you’ll want to think about the following before chugging a glass of fruit juice, a pile of candy, some cookies or even a piece of pizza:

  • What was your diet like before The 21-Day Sugar Detox (21DSD) and were you on Level 1, 2, or 3?
  • How do you feel now that you’ve reduced the amount of sugar or dense carbohydrates you’ve been eating? – I FEEL REALLY GOOD, SO MUCH BETTER.
  • How has your sleep been? What about your digestive function? – SLEEP IS AMAZING. Digestive function is getting better….
  • Do you think that eating sugary or carb-rich foods will make you feel better or worse? – WORSE
  • Has the time and energy commitment that’s gone into avoiding sugar and dense carbs added more stress to your life than it alleviated your cravings and how much sugar or carbs has controlled your life and food choices? -the commitment has NOT added more stress, and sugar/carb cravings are just about gone….
  • If your goal was not primarily weight loss but rather to break unhealthy habits and conquer cravings, think about how eating sweets again triggers the problems and causes a downward spiral, then become mindful and conscious when choosing what to eat on a daily basis.

Take away from this? Hello?! If you’re feeling good and it’s not that big of a deal….keep it going!!! 🙂 Having some FODMAP approved fruits here and there – great! But I’m going to continue the journey. I’m not going to jump into pizza and soda – good lord, the fall out after would be crazy awful! But my choices will to be cautious. My goal is to keep feeling great. Let my gut continue to heal. Yes.


  • 1 RM Front squat: 155#
  • Snatch from knees 2 sets of 3 reps: 85# – got 90 for a single
  • Weighted pull up – 1 RM: working on my pull ups, so used the purple band for stricts, and then red band.
  • 1 mile warm up and cool down



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