Looks like we made it – we say this ALL the time. My dad used to always that line when we’d get where we were going, and it’s stuck with me…and I’ve passed it along to my littles….so I’ve been singing it all day.

I can’t believe it. 

I made it.

I’m trying to reflect on the past 3 weeks, for some amazing revelation. Some ground breaking words of wisdom…..and I’m falling short, haha. 🙂

But I think I can sum it up nicely by talking about a FB chat I had with a friend just a little bit ago. I posted on IG about making it my 21 days (yahoo!), and J messaged me to ask my opinion about the 21DSD. She has also done the Fit N 6 at our gym, and was wondering how it was in comparison. I started off by saying that I absolutely loved the 21 days. I never was in it for the weight loss – I had to remind myself of that often through out the detox – I was in it for how I FELT. The first week or so was HARD – not gonna lie. But I loved having CoachE for support, I stuck with it…and the last 5 days or so, even the last 2…things have fallen into place. Stuff like that. 🙂 After chatting for a few minutes…she said:

“You really should be a coach!! I can tell you are really enthusiastic about it!”


My excitement for the program was evident even over text. I was so excited for her, that she reached out to ask about it, and I was so happy to be passing along links/IG feeds/pinterest pages…pointing her in the right direction…just cheering her on. Getting someone else pumped up to experience how AMAZING this program can be. After just 1 time through it myself.

This is my new way of life. I feel so much better. And I’m so much more in tune – when something doesn’t settle right with my gut, I can easily figure it out. I’m sleeping through the night. For the first time in 5 years. I’m going to be a broken record with this too. Sleep heals everything and I can sleep again.


I’m going to keep on logging here. Having a place to stay accountable, and track my journey. Set little milestones to hit along the way. Share with those who are curious/interested/ready to detox themselves.

Next up little step? 30 days sugar free. 🙂



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