21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 21!

day 21

YOU MAY EXPERIENCE: Relief, pride, excitement, and sheer joy that you made it to Day 21! Finish this day out strong. Get your head on straight about what tomorrow will bring, and review page 53-55 for advice on what to do after you complete the program!

BREAKFAST | Fried Eggs over wilted spinach, bacon

LUNCH | Leftover chili, green tipped banana

DINNER | Baked pork chops, cauliflower rice, asparagus

SNACK | Nuts, kale chips

What I ate today:
  • sweet potato and sausage

7m run – gorgeous weather.

  • TRIED to use the chia pudding I made by putting a few spoonfuls in the blender with almond milk, handful of frozen cherries and cacao nibs – yuck. I don’t think chia seed are for me. They are just too gelatinous for my liking. Slimy. Eew. Lesson learned.
  • Lunch at Five Guys – bacon cheese burger with all the veggies – yummmmmm. Discovered that Dasani Lemon Lime Sparkling water is in the Coke Freestyle – WIN!
  • carrots and green beans – big bowl – yummmmm.
  • almonds
  • beef and zoodles w marinara sauce – yummmmmmmmmm too!! 🙂 – some gas/bloating after dinner….will have to see if it was the zoodles or the sauce – I have 1 zucchini left and some sauce too….my money is on the zucchini. TBD.

*Really liked this from ZenBelly:
“Once you say no to the candy bar in the check out line,
the ice cream before bed,
the drink as soon as you feel stressed,
you can do it anytime.
It’s a good thing to remember.”
*p.s. Think I need to try this method to making hard boiled eggs.

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