21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 20

c647cd72-5ade-40c9-9114-2cabb869413cYOU MAY EXPERIENCE: A strong desire to plan an all-out carb-fest (um, no not me) Focus on these last two days, and finish up strong! Worry about Day 22 when it comes, not today!

– I’ve mentioned it before, that this way of eating is how I want to continue for the long haul so I’m actually planning to keep going. Little goals at a time. 30 days will be the next milestone 🙂

BREAKFAST | Leftover lamb and veggies – LUNCH | Mexican Tortilla-Less Soup – DINNER | Chili over spaghetti squash – SNACK | Banana, almond butter and bacon

What I ate today:

  • sausage with sweet potato
  • plantain chips and a few almonds after kids soccer practice (brrrr, it was breeeeezy out there)
  • lunch was green beans and beef
  • plantain chips and almonds
  • We had dinner at Bull and Bear Pub – new place that opened up near here. BBQ pulled pork sandwich – was not too slathered in BBQ, and salt potatoes – yum.

WOD: 2k row for time: 7:54 with a mile before and after

(warm up 1 mile and cool down 1 mile) – legs were TOAST after row


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