21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 19

19 YOU MAY EXPERIENCE: A strong urge to “cheat” or call it good enough at 19 days. Keep your eyes on the prize. When you make it through just three more days, the feeling of accomplishment will be awesome!

BREAKFAST | Pumpkin Pancakes

LUNCH | Hamburger patty lettuce wrap with tomato and avocado, carrots

DINNER | Grilled lamb kabobs with veggies

SNACK | Apple Spiced Chips -using a green apple

What I Ate Today:

  • sausage and sweet potatoes
  • salad from Ruby Tuesday with 2 mini burgers (open faced) and club soda – LOVE getting club soda when we go out to eat!
  • beef, sweet potato and green beans for dinner
  • Tried Go Raw pizza flax snax – yummmmmmm
  • plantain chips
  • smoothie (banana, almond milk, cacao nibs, gelatin)

*I watched #greysanatomy from last night. Yes, it was terrible. Even after the spoilers from People on Facebook. #socialmediasucks


  • ran 2 miles w hills for warm up
  • tough triple DL: 225#
  • AMRAP of ring dips: 0 – yes, I know my weaknesses
  • hollow hold for time: 1:07
  • 5 RFT of 15 thrusters (55#) and 15 burpees: 11:54

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