In the midst of my 21DSD, a new adventure is starting.

I’ve really been at a cross roads with my Crossfit training. I’m strong, but I didn’t feel the WODs at my gym were helping me to develop my weaknesses (pull-ups, snatch, etc). My cardio capacity is good (hello, go run a 1/2 marathon with hardly any training last fall). But I want to be stronger, and I want to be able to compete all WODs as prescribed in the Open. I started perusing other WOD sites/blogs/feeds to check out their programming. I was on the fence – do I stay or do I go? I was getting antsy. But then it happened:

My gym decided to open a Competitors Programming group.

I got an email a few weeks ago, feeling out interest in the group and it was perfect…JUST what I needed. A competitive CrossFit class for members who are interested in taking CrossFit to the next level. The program will be based off of a 52 week cycle that encompasses all aspects of CrossFit, including but not limited to gymnastics, olympic movements, positioning, technique, efficiency, cardio, mobility, and skill work. The program will begin with a two week testing phase that aims to establish a baseline for the group to guide the programming.


Ahhhhh….yes. THANK YOU.

The group is small – about 30 people, and it’s basically the Rockwest Game Day athletes I’ve competed against already – athletes just like me.

The only little bump was that despite being involved in the emails before it started, and enthusiastically replying yes to every one, I was left off the FB group….for 2 days. WHAT THE WHAT?! Am I not invited to play?! Haha. Squeaky wheel that I am, I got added pretty quickly. This week (and next) is the start of the testing phase, so I’ve been playing a little catch up to get my baselines, but it’s all good. It feels amazing to lift heavy weights. And the perfect thing is that I can do some of the WODs at home, and some at the gym. I’ll take the metcons to the gym, but the lifting stuff I can do – which is so nice.

I’m so excited.


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