21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 17


YOU MAY EXPERIENCE: Feelings of impatience for the end of the detox. Day 17 is almost like “hump day” on The 21DSD. Keep checking in with friends who are on the detox with you and with supporters you’ve met online. Think of a non-food reward that you’ll “win”at the end of the 21 days.

Chat w Coach E: asked about snacks…gelatin: add to smoothies for extra protein – yes!!!

*Take it slow introducing foods back in. With each food – eat at every meal, for 2 days. Then off for 3 day. Make note of sleep, mood, headache, etc.

*Keep away from processed flours – yup.

*Be mindful that your will power isn’t that wonderful – if you think you will eat more than 1…just don’t (as evident by my cookie consumption this weekend).

*Mentioned to Coach that today is really a boring day – I’m bored of my go-to items. trying to figure out what to eat for a snack at 2pm? impossible. i didn’t want more almonds or pepperoni. She suggested coconut butter, hard boiled eggs, plantain chips (can’t wait for my Thrive order to arrive – it includes a bunch of plantain chips!).

BREAKFAST | Fried eggs, kraut, red bell pepper – LUNCH | Grilled chicken breast over spinach and tomato salad, green apple – DINNER | Beef fajita salad with salsa and avocado – SNACK | Toasted coconut and pecans

what I had to eat: 

  • sausage and 1/2 sweet potato
  • almonds
  • turkey pepperoni
  • hamburger, guacamole, green beans
  • crunchy Veggie chips – I was needing something this afternoon. I destroyed the chips. all of the chips. #dinner
  • green beans



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