21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 16


*This is my FAVORITE quote grapic and experience note so far.

YOU MAY EXPERIENCE: Some movement on the scale or extra room in your clothes (even better). But you may not. It’s best not to get on the scale except once before and once after your 21DSD—otherwise, you’ll drive yourself crazy watching those numbers. Step away from the scale. Review the many reasons why you decided to begin this detox in the first place, and focus on the amazing changes that have happened in your body and your life so far.

*And then there was this, in the email. Linking to a Monday Morning Motivation from Dianne:

“People first, then money, then things.” – Suze Ormon

Wow, if that doesn’t just say it all right there, I don’t know what does.

Needless to say, I’m going to start exploring the balanced bites website a LOT more!

BREAKFAST | Skillet ham, mushrooms and tomatoes – LUNCH | Chicken salad in lettuce cups – DINNER | Hamburger stuffed butternut squash, brussels sprouts – SNACK | Banana sautéed in coconut oil w shredded coconut

what I had to eat today:

  • sweet potato and sausage #brokenrecord

WOD – 3 12 minute wods – yup

  • salad at OIP – a bit of cramping post lunch. Same with yesterday….wondering if it’s the chicken? Good thing I don’t plan to go for the salad again for a few days, haha.
  • almonds – #bestfriends
  • bunch of pepperonilunch-double-burger
  • double cheeseburger from Chili’s – I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile now, and we hit it just before the 11-4pm lunch menu was off. it was ok, nothing amazing, definitely looks better in the picture.
  • almond nana cacao smoothie
  • bacon – mmmmmmmm.



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