It quietly crept up on me but….


I truly believe I was just so used to not sleeping through the night (for the last 5 years) that it simply was part of my life.

Hi, I’m a mom and I’m never going to sleep through the night again.

Well, 2 weeks into my 21DSD, and I’m waking up feeling……good. Rested. The past 2 nights – so good.


If NOTHING else comes of this clean eating, THIS WILL MAKE IT ALL WORTH IT. Seriously. I cannot explain how unbelievably TIRED I was….ALL THE TIME. It never went away. I’d wake up every night between 1-2am (even if the kiddos didn’t get me up, which was RARE) and just be awake. Hello, Netflix and Kindle books….

I was tired for 5 YEARS.

But after 2 weeks…I’m feeling better.

21DSD….I love you and I’m never letting you go.



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