21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 15


YOU MAY EXPERIENCE:  Boredom with food choices and longings for foods that you have eliminated. Your giddiness over a green apple or an under-ripe banana may have faded. Stop just looking at all the recipes in this book, the recipes sent to your Daily Detox e-mails, and the recipes spread all over Pinterest; go get the ingredients and make them! – (Love this little reminder – go make stuff!)

BREAKFAST | “Hot Cereal”- nuts, banana and coconut milk blended and warmed with cinnamon – LUNCH | Leftover meatloaf, salad – DINNER | Steak, eggplant, spinach – SNACK | Seaweed Snacks

What I ate today!

  • potatoes and sausage

WOD – clean complex and metcon

  • salad with chicken and ranch from OIP
  • potatoes
  • almonds
  • turkey pepperoni
  • hamburger, mayo, tomatoes
  • almonds
  • pickles

Pretty ok day – little man was home this afternoon, I was cashed from my WOD earlier. Dinner wasn’t as filling as it should have been. Think I was lacking a bit on the water…..try again tomorrow!



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