21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 14

  • cookies – leftovers from yesterday – showing me that my will power really just sucks
  • potatoes and sausage

*Ran a half marathon this morning, as part of a training run for me and my running buddy – hillier runs to come for us May 3rd!

  • bowtie pasta salad with another tomato cucumber salad combo – to get rid of the leftovers – thank goodness there’s nothing left.
  • almonds and turkey pepperoni
  • potatoes
  • hamburger, tomatoes, organic mayo, corn chips


YOU MAY EXPERIENCE: Not only falling asleep faster, but also sleeping better through the night and waking up feeling more well rested. Continue to cultivate good sleep habits (getting to bed and waking up at consistent times daily; sleeping in a dark, cool room; and creating a nightly ritual) to ensure that you get enough sleep through the rest of the detox and beyond.
REALLY feeling the pic from today’s email. EVERY day is another chance to start over. To GET IT RIGHT. Absolutely.
*Not super thrilled with my weekend, but definitely presented with food choices beyond the normal….it’ll take more time for me to build my willpower against foods that I’ll encounter at parties/BBQ’s/etc. Only 2 weeks in. I think a few more weeks of eating straight up 21DSD-style will do wonders.

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