21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 13


YOU MAY EXPERIENCE:  Noticeable improvements in mood and energy as you approach the end of your second week. Ride the wave! Share your experience with others and think about how you feel, the healthy choices you’re making, and how much you’ve learned.

BREAKFAST | Leftover roast, veggies – LUNCH | Salmon burger, salad – DINNER | Bacon wrapped smoky chicken thighs, mashed cauliflower, cooked kale – SNACK | Deviled eggs

What I ate today:

  • pumpkin waffles w butter – before 5 mile run – super nice and sunny, gorgeous
  • Sausage post run
  • Green beans and beef
  • Turkey pepperoni
  • Strawberries
  • Hamburger w tomato on lettuce
  • Some quinoa salad
  • Salt potatoes – we had friends over for a BBQ
  • Some cookies……

I didn’t feel bad about the cookies. And I think it’s because I didn’t wash them down with soda like I used too…

I did feel the ol’ sugar craving today, but the strawberries did help….

Tomorrow is a new day……!



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