21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 12

*Super nauseous this morning. CRAZY nauseous. I don’t know if it’s a combination of the hot dog yesterday afternoon, going to bed hungry, not eating breakfast until 730a…but man, NAUSEOUS. p.s. the hot dog was SO much better yesterday. Today? Yeah, not so much.

*Quad soreness is better today (thank you, vitamin E & birch essential oil rub!), but left calf is sore. Taking rest day today for hills run tomorrow and 1/2 marathon Sunday.


YOU MAY EXPERIENCE: Shakiness or weakness from going too low-carb. Revisit the meal plan recommendations and make sure that you’re adding the appropriate carb sources to your post-workout meals per the Energy modifications notes that correspond to your level.

BREAKFAST | Egg, sausage, pepper, onion scramble

LUNCH | Turkey roll-ups-lettuce, avocado, raw veggies

DINNER | Pork roast, roasted beets, zucchini

SNACK | Green apple slices sautéed in coconut milk with cinnamon

what i ate today: NAAM-day-12

  • sweet potato (couldn’t stomach much else) – but was feeling much better by 1030a
  • turkey bacon – found at Wegman’s – woah
  • green beans and sauage
  • almond nana smoothie – seriously love crunching the cacao nibs – it’s like dessert in a glass
  • bacon and green beans – 2:30p – feeling hungry….wanting some sugar….
  • almonds – I think I always need to have some of these on hand
  • turkey pepperoni
  • Chili’s – side salad, southwest chicken soup and chips

6:30pm – kitchen is CLOSED.


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