Day 9 Consumed

Can you guess what I had for breakfast…..? Haha!

  • sausage and sweet potato

*WOD – woah. legs are SORE already….!!!

  • beef and green beans
  • bacon
  • pumpkin waffles w butter
  • almonds
  • Vegetable chips – was craving SOMETHING this afternoon – hit Aldi for limes…and picked up some Simply Nature Vegetable Chips. Definitely could have been worse….at least it was no sugar. (ingredients: blend of root veggies {sweet potato, taro, batata, parsnip}, expeller-pressed canola and/or safflower and/or sunflower oil, salt, beet juice concentrate for color.)
  • Taco Tuesday salad – beef, lettuce, tomatoes, guac – yum!

*Went to see the GI for the first time. After chatting for about 2 minutes, he said:

“Well, you just about figured it out on your own!” 


By eliminating things along the way the last few months, I had just about pieced all of the puzzle together. Diagnosis: IBS. Steer clear of FODMAPs. He gave me a sheet of yes and no foods and well, holy moley – YES. No wonder I’ve been feeling bloated and gassy since Sunday – I ate a bunch of apples and apples are on the NO list. It makes perfect sense. The yes foods? 100% yes. No – broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, etc. I have noticed specifically almost all of the NO food have caused me discomfort at some point. I was super glad that I went to the appointment. Follow up in 3 months. If symptoms haven’t improved, he’ll schedule a colonoscopy.

*Still feeling uncomfortable/gassy, though the GI doc said “You’re not gassy.” Hopefully it’ll be better tomorrow.

*Itching for some sugar today. Well, maybe not sugar but SOMETHING (hello, veg chips).



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