21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 10 – all of it


YOU MAY EXPERIENCE: Digestive issues such as gas and bloating (if you had them) clearing up. You’re getting into the swing of cooking, and you have collected a bunch of recipes to try. Make some new shopping lists and try a new recipe!

BREAKFAST | Fried eggs, bacon, green apple

LUNCH | Chef salad with ham, turkey and eggs with olive oil

DINNER | Sautéed shrimp, cauliflower rice

SNACK | Eggplant hummus with red pepper strips

What I had to Eat today:

  • sweet potato and sausage (surprise surprise)

WOD: 3k row, 900 singles jump rope, 3m run – legs are SORE. Epsom salt bath – hope it helps.

  • half a GoMacro bar
  • Quinoa brown rice california rolls from Wegmansimg-thing
  • sweet potato w some bacon
  • green beans
  • beef sweet potato (haha)
 *Chatted with CoachE today – things are moving in the right direction. The IBS diagnosis – it’s nice to have a name for what I’ve been dealing with, and further confirmation that what I’m doing with the 21DSD is right. No stress about it at all.
*Stomach is feeling better, less bloaty. Going to try to stay away from nuts a bit, see if that helps the bloat, too.
*Some cravings starting around 3pm…..like I’m just hungry and can’t get full….
*My legs are REALLY sore……did I mention this already? Holy crap.
*sore throat pre-bedtime….and fell asleep really early….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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