21 Day Sugar Detox: One week DONE


Not sure why it didn’t occur to me that 7 days down is a week….. But WOW! 1 done, 2 to go!

My 21DSD is really going so much better than I expected. And I truly believe it was all the small changes (slowly easing our household towards more natural eating; reading ingredients lists; trying to be as informed as possible) that I made over the months leading up to this April 6th that prepared me for my detox – and this makes me so happy. *Doesn’t hurt that I have those fabulous Nikes taunting me in the kitchen either, haha!

I was scared to cut sugar. The cravings in the afternoons? Never-ending hunger? Soda addiction? It was all SO overpowering. I was ALWAYS “needing” something to eat. And it sucked. All I wished was to be satiated. To eat and have that fuel keep me going without hunger for ANY period of time. Because that NEVER happened before. I’d eat and – unless I ate until I felt sick from being so full – I’d feel hungry again almost immediately. I knew most normal people ate 3 meals a day and didn’t spend all time between meals snacking/scavenging. It was so frustrating. 

I am absolutely embracing/welcoming this way of eating. I never thought I’d get so much satisfaction from a bowl of green beans and beef (seriously so delicious to me, thank God!) or a can of club soda. I cannot remember the last time I sat on a case at work, after eating just breakfast and didn’t feel like I was going to wither away from hunger within an hour, or needed a snack break before and after exposure…but it happened today. I ate breakfast, had a few almonds and knew that I would make it to have my yummy home-made lunch. Before? Eating lunch at 1pm?! Holy crap. No way. NO WAY. I’d be on my way to the cafeteria for a pack of cookies and carton of milk.


The fact that eating so cleanly is working, that I’m feeling this good….I’m in this the long haul. I cannot stress how much better I feel already. And I am SO thankful.



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