Day 7 Consumed

  • sausages and sweet potato
  • bacon (boy, do I love bacon!)jb52bed3b0

*Took kids with on a 1.7m walk/run to log my mile for the day

  • green beans/beef/sweet potato
  • almonds/apple slices at the Essential Oils class I had this afternoon (1-4pm)
  • sweet potato/green beans/beef/avocado
  • green apple bite with almond butter

*Cravings were – should I dare say – not here today…..?!? I’m not going to jinx myself. After my dinner, I was still hungry, so I had the Apple Bite….hopefully it’s just because I didn’t have as much fat this afternoon as usual. Or could be maybe because today was the only “rest day” I had during the week, so I didn’t need as much to keep the fuel stoked… But overall, a pretty darn good day, I feel!

*Note: a LOT of gas late in the day. Was not sure if it was from the apples in the afternoon, or (after re-reading the Day 7 email) it was from “digestive issues”…..all I know it it was NOT pleasant (Mommy! Say excuse me!). Fingers crossed it subsides…we’ll see today!



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