21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 4 Notes


YOU MAY EXPERIENCE: Mood changes, minor skin irritation, or breakouts. Remember that awareness is key when it comes to your mood.

Try not to react to those around you in a hypersensitive way. For your skin, add milk thistle (tea, tincture, or capsules) and ginger tea to aid in detoxification.


LOVE these meal suggestions. So simple and so awesome.

Audio Support Notes:

  • Modifications – dense carbohydrates
  • Orange energy notes page – 30-50g carbs per meal per day minimum
  • Get sugars and excess carbs out
  • Day 4 – tends to be most painful/obvious if you haven’t been adding carbs in – carb fuel tank will be empty by this point.
  • If your carb tank was full and you haven’t replenished while being active – you are going to feel it – tired.
  • After workouts – have the carbs – depleting the tank – refill the tank
  • pick the carbs from the yes list – yup.

*Feeling ok to start the day. No headache yesterday (prescription filled, this maybe why?)

*Legs are slowly recovering from Monday – holy moley!



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