21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 2, yo!

e6f21fc2-0a58-4734-9fd0-930b2b9c6b81Loving the daily emails and audio support!

YOU MAY EXPERIENCE: No effects at all, or possibly some extremely strong cravings. You may feel extra hungry and that’s ok! Roll with the positivity that Day 1 brings.

*I’m super sore from the 15.5 WOD yesterday so I’ll be doing a bike ride before the rain comes, and a run to loosen up. I’m still sticking with 3 days of crossfit while I’m figuring out this adrenal fatigue stuff – less is more and I feel better with less.


  • mental fog? extra hungry-ness – feeling insatiable – YES. This has been a problem for a while. Been trying to figure out what my body is missing/what it’s craving.
  • They mentioned the headaches – I already experienced the headaches during the last few months as I’ve been weening out sugars and stuff – so I feel fairly prepared for this.
  • hydrate – yeah club soda!
  • don’t under eat – this isn’t a weight loss program – boom.
  • sleep
  • activity might demand more carbs – could cause headaches if you don’t have enough.
  • appetite will regulate itself after a few days……. I sure hope so.
  • what I’m eating is NOT a stark comparison from what I was eating – so yes, I’m closer to level 3 – sweet!
  • Epsom salt bath – magnesium yes.



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