Day 1 21DSD

Yipee! I am listening to the audio support for Day 1, while I’m heating up my lunch of ground beef, green beans and sweet potato.

*I had a rough start today – The Kids woke up late, The Hubs was getting ready to bike to work so things were rushed this morning. I didn’t have time to prepare my sweet potato and sausage (or anything for myself) for breakfast so I had a GoMacro bar on the way to the gym. And I’m ok with this – preWOD nutrition has to be whatever my stomach can tolerate, because 9 times out of 10, I’m nauseous in the morning (as I was today) so I’m not in the mood for eggs. I’ll be prepared for the rest of the week with sweet potatoes and sausage in ready-made containers. Rookie mistake – I’m SO not used to the kids sleeping. Seriously – sleeping till 6:30a is completely out of the normal. And they are so used to their routine in the morning that when it’s cut by an HOUR – woah, life altering for a 3yo!

But I’m feeling ok with everything so far – as I should – it’s Day 1 for cripes sake. πŸ™‚ And I am ready for this – I felt crappy this morning after the lousy Easter food we had yesterday. I am love that I am recognizing the lousy feeling as a result of what I ate. My body hates processed crap and sugar. It really does. And it’s beginning to react worse each time. So All the times I wished I felt as terrible eating sugar as I did drinking milk/dairy – it’s coming true, haha! πŸ™‚


From the Audio Support:

  • making sure you have yes foods on hand – critical
  • make sure you fill out the plate that you are eating
  • you will need more food off the Yes list than you needed of any foods before
  • Not sugar detox – think of it as whole real food – AMEN.
  • Never talk to my kids/others about being a Detox – right? This is a lifestyle.

*I love that the Daily emails have simple suggestions for meals too!




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