All Purpose Healing Salve

My hands are weak. Terrible. They rip and tear super easily. And when I tear, there’s not much I can do. Most ointments/creams sting like a mother, so I was SUPER not happy when I had a HUGE tear about 3 weeks ago. It was deep and nasty. Not to mention I still had a blood blister healing on my OTHER hand.

I had ordered some All Purpose Healing Salve from Camp Wander a while back to use for The Boy – he’s had eczema since a baby, it still flares up something fierce, and most things sting when applied to his skin. I have been following CW on FB and Instagram for a bit and love what she does. And had been going back and forth about the Salve….and finally bit the bullet.

Well, it works WONDERS on EVERYTHING……EVERYTHING. Helped all patches on The Boy. Smoothed dry skin on The Girl (winter hands get cracked!). Eased redness/bumps after eyebrow waxing on The Momma. So when I got home from the gym with The Tear, I went right to the Salve.

Huge glob on the tear (no stinging!), topped with a cotton ball, pre-wrap – done. Set it soak overnight and I swear it was the most rapid start to the healing process I have ever seen. After 2 nights with the cotton ball treatment, this was my hand:


I knew I’d never let our household go without the Magic Salve…CW has her recipe on her blog – it was time to buy ingredients!

I’ve made 2 batches of the Salve so far and everyone I’ve shared it with loves it. And I LOVE making it – I feel so domestic/crafty/medicinal! heehee!

image1 (2)



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