Just stop….


Yesterday was weird.

I was so happy to try the pancake recipe, to discover one that wasn’t TOO banana-y (as is the case with most of the ones I’ve tried to date. P.S. they warmed up perfectly this morning for breakfast – whoop!)….that was a positive step in the 21DSD direction.

But throughout the course of the day, I had THREE sodas. THREE. I usually only allow myself 1. I definitely remember thinking at one point – oh, let’s just get them out of the way before Monday – which is completely true – they NEED to be gone. But THREE. Ugh. The sweet, bubbly deliciousness….. Seriously. What the heck. WHY?! I used to rationalize the soda by saying, well it could be worse – it could be cigarettes.


You just compared soda to cigarettes. LISTEN TO YOURSELF. If that’s not a sign I need a detox, I don’t know what is….

*I’m unbelievably thankful that I have quit diet soda (a few weeks back, I decided if I HAD to have soda, it would be regular. Now, diet tastes funny and we are over it – never thought it would happen – BIG TIME WIN) and that little victory gives me hope.

Just gotta keep it up…..



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