5 days to go!

pre day 5

T-minus 5 days to #21DSD! I had my first phone chat with CoachE today! It was so nice to speak with her, after bombarding her with emails for the last 3 days – haha. 🙂 Fun to learn she’s even BEEN to Syracuse – CRAZY!

She went over lots of stuff, asked questions – I asked mine. Asked about vegetable/canola oils and I promptly tossed ours in the trash – the Pillsbury Simply Nature cake mix for the kids doesn’t use oil so we really had no need for it – sweeeeet! Our pantry/kitchen is in pretty good shape and I am patting myself on the back for that. Over the last few months, I’ve done a good job of weeding out things that aren’t natural/close to nature – the fewer the ingredients the better/if you don’t know what it is, it’s probably bad for you. Once we can get the Goldfish crackers and Cheezits outta here, we’ll be golden (seriously, the kiddos gotta get on Annie’s bandwagon!!)

So! Here are my notes:

  • beet/carrot/sweet potato roast – 400 degrees, 30-40 mins – mmmmm.
  • carrot pumpkin muffins
  • apple bites
  • cabbage
  • Fat is good – keeps you satisfied – no arguments here!
  • Kerrygold butter – Trader Joes here I come!
  • Eating more at a meal to feel more full instead of reaching for the sweets after – yes.
  • Batch cooking day – Sundays
  • Hard boiled eggs – our 5 dozen eggs from BJ’s will come in handy, heehee.

Next scheduled talk with CoachE is a week from today, aka Day 3/21. I’m hoping to not experience as many withdrawal symptoms as others report, due to the baby steps I’ve been taking along the way…. And I’m ready to prepare and pop some lemon meltaways !!!



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