I’ve been scouring the Net for recipes. I’m not much of a cook. The easier the better. Less than 5 ingredients – boom. But I want to be prepared for next week. I want to have the tools to succeed.

So I’m gathering. And I’m going to try. Having this week to prepare…I feel like it all fell into place perfectly. Pinning on Pinterest, taking screenshots on my phone…gathering.

And I tried my first recipe today. Easy Peasy Pancakes by Paleo Parents. The recipe was easy enough. I had all the ingredients in my freshly stocked pantry. So I gave it a go.

image1 Don’t they look pretty?

I’m not an expert pancake maker so they turned out a little darker than I typically like for pancakes. But with some butter? Mmmmmmmmm. I separated the batch into sets of 3, and (per a comment on the Paleo Parents blog) parchment paper for freezing.

image1 (1)

We will see how they defrost/reheat but I’m pretty darn happy with my first go at a 21DSD food!



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