And so it begins….

I’ve been struggling with sugar for what seems like an eternity. I don’t know when I became addicted (back in high school when I’d have a soft pretzel and diet coke for lunch?)…but isn’t the first step in recovering admitting you have a problem?

Hello, my name is J and I’m a sugar addict.

Over the past few months, I’ve been dealing with digestive issues…so I’ve been tracking my eating, learning what works/what doesn’t (dairy = bad). I was tested for Celiac disease (negative), discovered my vitamin D levels are low. I started seeing a naturopath, who is helping me heal my gut and fight adrenal fatigue.  Having 2 babies in 2 years wreaked havoc on my body, and through struggling and process of elimination, I’m just now understanding/starting to make things better.

I feel my first step in the direction to sugar-free living was doing a Fit In 6 challenge at my gym last year. For 6 weeks, we were (supposed to be) clean eating, along with group training. I did ok, but I was never able to go a day without cheating…a little sugar here, a diet soda there…

I have kept some of the fundamentals from FN6, but I’m still fighting the sugar demons every day. Every afternoon…the cravings hit. The need for something sweet never goes away. It’s always there.

Which brings me to the 21 Day Sugar Detox (21DSD). I’ve been following the 21DSD on Facebook/Instagram/email/Pinterest for a while. It’s all good stuff, makes total sense. I’m not sure what lead me to it again this weekend (spurred by fantastically horrible eating while back home, no doubt), but I stumbled across a Coaches page….I had NO idea there are certified 21DSD coaches! I scrolled through them and came across Erin. Her bio spoke to me…I emailed her to ask about coaching. The next official Detox starts April 6th. I purchased the Premier 21DSD package and hit the ground running.

I’ve been seeking out recipes. Stocked the pantry (oh my gosh, I’m a grown up with a stocked pantry). Trying to get myself ready to go.

And I decided the best way to keep myself accountable is to blog. Keep it in writing. Good or bad…I’ll share it here. I’m only human, but keeping journals/notes/logs has gotten me to where I am today. By being able to look back and see what works/doesn’t work is fantastic. Along the way, I’ll fill in the gaps of my back story, so eventually it’ll all be here and it’ll hopefully all make sense. All the roads that led me here.

So let’s do this.



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