7 Days Before Detox

So I’ve emailed with CoachE a few times since Sunday, and one of the items she sent me to get ready is the 7 Days Before Detox List:

jenny 7 days

  • I’ve printed/looked over some of the shopping lists, and purchased pantry items…but I have to settle on which meal plan I’ll be doing. There are recipes from several of the plans that I like, so I’m going work on a personalized meal plan and shopping list tonight/tomorrow.
  • My list of foods that I currently eat that will be replaced on the 21DSD:
    • Soda – this will be hardest.
    • Tortilla chips (hello, anything at Moe’s)
    • Sweets/refined carbs (cookies, cupcakes, frosting, etc) – while my list is pretty slim, this will suck too.
    • Pizza
    • Fruit – we always have grapes and red apples in the fridge.

*I’m going to follow the Energy modifications, so I’ll be able to have some complex carbs to fuel my workouts (sweet potato, brown rice).

*I feel like the more I plan for this, the more likely I will succeed….



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